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Why Is Our Pub Crawl Legendary?

Legendary Pub Crawl brings to Budapest a new dimension of night entertainment. The pub tour begins in the Slang Pub, which is exclusively used for great fun in a beautiful interior. The whole night continues in nearby bars in the center of Budapest and the last stop will be in a great club. The price includes excellent local tour guides throughout the night. They manage the entire Legendary Pub Crawl, create great atmosphere and moreover, they provide useful advice about the pub tour. You can use our simple and quick online registration form. All you need is to bring your mobile phone and at the entrance to the pub you just show your confirmation email. We used to have our special in-bar booking, however online is much more easy for you, and nevertheless cheaper! 



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Legendary Pub CrawlLegendary Pub Crawl offers something more than just mere entertainment in local Budapest pubs. Actually, it is a combination of several things making it one unforgettable experience. We bet you will remember this one for a long time coming and not only that, you can enjoy it anytime again or it may even become a tradition! If I were to point out the first best thing, it would be the social aspect of the whole activity. Budapest Legendary Pub Crawl offers a weekly opportunity to meet dozens of new people, develop new friendships, or have an interesting adventure. The next great thing is the awesome atmosphere. Our home pub provides you with a variety of alcoholic delights such as the great beer or a bottle of famous Hungarian wine, vodka or the local phenomenon called "Pálinka". The last but not least is the fast-growing city of Budapest itself, particularly the nightlife. And let´s not forget the hospitality and temperament of locals, which you get to experience right off. Within the Legendary Pub Crawl you can visit brilliant pubs, bars and nightclubs in the center of Budapest and all that in a single night! Our streetwise guides will coordinate the entire legendary tour throughout the night. Our home pub offers a unique family atmosphere that you will not experience anywhere else. In addition, Legendary Pub Crawl includes many nice surprises and great bonuses. If you desire to be a part of this fantastic Budapest experience choose your favourite event and book your own legendary night.

Legendary Pub Crawl is our latest project in Budapest, which is sure to make Budapest nightlife even more lively than it already is. We are an experienced agency specializing in setting up brilliant stag and hen weekends in many European destinations, e.g. Prague, Bratislava, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sunny Beach, Berlin, Munich, Warwas, Wroclaw ...  and of course, Budapest. In addition, we organize various ski weekends in prestigious ski resorts, e.g. Bansko & Borovets in Bulgaria, ski resort Jasna in Slovak Tatra Mountains and famous ski parks in the Austrian Alps. Our references are more than 17 250 people who traveled with us in 2014! Join us and become a true legend of the Budapest nightlife.


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